Have you seen Pearson Dash?

I’m not entirely certain whether this is “vapor-ware” or not, but the Pearson Dash app for iPad looks like a good roadmap for what can be accomplished with the right technical support with an iPad. The following was copied from the app’s description text on iTunes:

Dash enables you to:
• Prepare and plan for class anywhere with mobile access to your Pearson teacher materials
• Draw on superior instructional content and teaching strategies when preparing for class, teaching, or assessing student understanding
• Differentiate instruction for your students with new content-specific strategies for every page in the student text
• Easily open the companion student eText for iPad
• Preview and play videos from their Pearson programs
• Customize your teacher support with bookmarks and searchable notes
• Navigate the full array of teacher support with keyword search or through the resource library
• Help students learn and practice vocabulary terms with audio-visual resources in English and Spanish
• Project worksheets, images, student journal prompts, and quizzes for the whole class
• Organize and track your students with classroom seating charts
• Record, edit, and e-mail observational notes on your students



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